Programs And Activities Of The Association

The projects and activities of the Association are based on the following fields

Education and culture

we are working on spreading the culture of reading within the community, especially in public places, to create a reader generation through some specialized activities in this field.


our society suffers from the spread of diseases and the lack of the full knowledge of diseases and their causes and how to deal with it, so we launched several projects to raise awareness of the causes of diseases and how to deal with them

Protection and psychological support

we contribute many psychological and researching assessments to ensure greater protection and safety for vulnerable groups in the society.

Humanitarian and volunteering work

volunteering is the foundation to build societies and in order to promote and strengthen our society, one of our fields is to spread the culture of volunteering among young people.

Citizenship and coexistence

LMA believe in the principle of “co-existence”, thus making it one of its main principles and has launched, in this regard, many projects, campaigns and activities to develop youth, women and non-government organizations.