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Who We Are

Life Makers  (LMA) is a Libyan organization established in 2012

LMA has started with goals that aim to build capacity and empower women, youth and children through awareness raising within the community, training, creates campaigns and delivers humanitarian aids to Libyan’s needs.

Area converged

The headquarters of LMA is in Sabha City.

It covers the whole reign of southern Libya.

It also has several affiliated teams, which carry out its various activities in some Libyan cities such as Benghazi, Misurata, Derna, and Tripoli.



The collective focus of the Life Makers is on achieving the following six goals :

Strengthen the ethics, principles and values of human rights inside the community.

Contributing in the preparation of a generation that has an effective role in making life.

Diffusing the voluntary and humanitarian work culture in the Libyan society.

Strengthen the ethics, principles and values of human rights inside the community.

Building life skills and capacity in the community.

Make partnerships and cooperation relations with national and international organizations of common interests

Principles and Values

Teamwork, respect and tolerance of others, taking initiative, and love for creativity and innovation.

Life Makers ... To make a difference.

Our Field


Capacity Building


For the youth, children and women (Host/Refugee/Migrant) in Libya society.

LMA has a good reputation and reliable relationships with INGOs and UN agencies, and this has contributed to the conclusion of long-term partnership agreements with some of those agencies, which are the organization’s most prominent donors.

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