Experience With International Organization

LMA has successfully implemented programs funded by some international organizations

"Teamwork building"

Training: it aimed to build the individual’s capacity in the field of teamwork and campaign coordination, it was given to the volunteers of reading festival for the child. Beneficiary:  local NGOs / Team volunteers, Donor: DDG / 2014.

"Qudwa" Project

This project aimed to build the youth`s capacity and voluntary organizations in the field of project management، voluntary campaigns and team building funding by Creative Origination / 2015.

"Project Cycle Management" Training (PCM)

The training was provided to build the capacities of the NGOs/CSOs in writing project proposals، scientific and international methods for project cycle management. , funding by ACTED -LMA / 2016.

Transit Conflict Initiative

which aimed to promote peace and management of conflicts in Libya funding by UNESCO – Under funding the NET-MED / 2016.

Training program: LMA conducted a program, which aims to spread peace, reject violence, promoting community peace and peaceful coexistence. Through this program, 115 students in Sabha were trained on volunteering and teamwork, and how to build teams, funded by UNESCO & UNFPA/ 2017.

Data collection program

LMA has been and still cooperating with REACH Initiative since 2017, in Murzuq, AlQatroun, AlSharqyia, AlKufra, Aljufra, Ghat, Wadi Alshatti, and Ubari, to implement the data collection processes of IDPs, Host community and migrants in several projects such as :

  • Market monitoring Assessments.
  • Rapid Assessments of humanitarian needs.
  • Mixed migration Assessments.
  • Protection Assessments
  • Multi Sectors Need Assessments (MSNAs).

Ertiqaa "local NGOs capacity building"

LMA has implemented capacity-building training for Local NGOs within the Community Stability Project “Together We Build” 2017, with the international organization for migration IOM

Supporting livelihood of micro project (ME115):

This project aimed to train the 115 micro- entrepreneurs on business management to build strong projects, creates a competitive environment, and to improve the economic situation of citizens in Sabha and Al Qatroun. Donor: IOM/2019.

"Successful Women Entrepreneurs SWEs" Training

 it was business management sessions provided to improve the competitiveness of commercial businesses for 25 female entrepreneurs through the Community Stability Project “Together We Build” in southern Libya. Donor: IOM/2018.

Tracking Displacement Mobility Program (DTM)

LMA is implementing project in data collection process and displacement monitoring of IDPs and Migrants in Sabha, Traghen, Ubari and Al-Sharqiyah, Donor:  IOM/2020.