Projects Funded By LMA

LMA has successfully managed the following projects from fund raising to implementation with our diners and local partners

“Tanween" Reading series

it aims to encourage the reading culture in public area inside the community. It had implemented in Sabha, Edri, Murzuq, Zawila and AlKufra. Duration: 2012 to 2018.

(Esmany le Afhamak) series

“Listen Me To Understand You” Trainings​ it aimed to promote a culture of dialogue, effective listening and acceptance of differences within the society. It was implemented in the cities of Sabha, Misurata, Derna, Benghazi, Tripoli & Gharyan. Duration: 2013/2014.

Oral and Dental health campaign

The campaign aimed to raising children’s awareness about dental caries and how to prevent it. It had implemented in Sebha, Traghen and Murzuq. Duration: 2012/2014/2018.

(Wamdat Kitab) Audio series

The Book Blink was a radio program aims to raise the reading culture within community and giving an overview of books and culture information. It had implemented in Sebha. Duration: 2014 /2016

"Insane 2020'' project

– Raising awareness among patient’s parents about dealing with patient who has chronic disease.

– Raising awareness about chronic disease such as diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease.

 – Giving Training on the first aid and how to deal with emergency cases.

– Distribution of primary toiletries to migrant and immigrant.

– Periodic medical examination for migrant and poor families in some camps.

It had implemented in Sabha, Al-Kufra, Murzuq, Ghat and AlSharqyia. Duration: 2014 to 2019.

Anty Mobdea "You are Creative" exhibition

it was aimed to discover and reach the category of women entrepreneurs through the establishment of a women’s exhibition for women entrepreneurs and the women’s small projects in the south and looking to the social restrictions faced them (Sabha, Murzuq & Ghat). LMA/ 2016.

"Nagdrw Insado" project

(We can help) project was aimed to help in supplying the poor families and migrant with some medication (has implemented in Sabha, Ubari, Murzuq, Ghat, Qatroun and Zawila, with voluntary contribution. Providing free medical diagnosis and medical analysis for poor families and migrant, which were not able to pay for these services, it had done by cooperation with medical laboratory.  (2017/2018/2019)

"B2B" event

organized meeting between the emerging social entrepreneurs and a number of businesspersons in Sebha to exchange experiences, encouragement and try to link joint business relations in the local labor market. By: LMA & Sebha Local Council/ 2017.

The cultural leisure tent

The campaign aimed to get rid of negative energy among youth, and investing their energy in education, and knowledge development. It depended on some activities like reading, sports activities, and intellectual competition among youth. It had implemented in AlSharqyia. Duration: 2018/2019.